CoolPV™’s Patent Pending Technology allows you to Improve PV Electrical Output Significantly while generating warm water to Heat Your Water or Your Pool.

You can Lower Your Electric Bill with Renewable, Sustainable Solar Power and drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on energy!

CoolPV™‘s Solar Pool Heating system Significantly Extends Your Swimming Season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

No longer must you decide to go either Solar Thermal (Water Heating) or Solar PV (Electric) because of limited optimum roof space. With CoolPV™ you get Maximum Energy Output From Available Roof Space!

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Revco Solar has been powering homes across Southern California including Orange County and Riverside since 1977. Since our founding, we have designed and installed over 10,000 high-quality systems, helping homes go green while saving money on their monthly utility bills.

Improve Your Value

Solar panels are good for the environment, but are they good for the value of your home? A new study suggests the answer is yes. On average, solar panels raise a home’s value by 4.1% across the U.S., according to a new Zillow analysis of homes across the country— that’s a boost of $9,274 on a $226,300 home

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At Revco Solar, we take pride in our services being a one-call solution for all your solar panel needs. While we can help outfit your home with a high-quality solar panel system, we offer so much more than brand new installations.

Our Orange County solar panel installers can even assist you with your existing panels through a wide variety of high-quality service options. Whether you need a panel replaced, repaired, or your panels removed from your roof, we invite you to give us a call and see why so many customers all around Orange County and Riverside have trusted their homes to us.

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