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Over the last few years, Revco Solar was able to manage and absorb all cost increases across the board. Our prices remained consistent despite rising fuel and operational costs.  However, the sharp increase in 2022 has forced us to review and adjust the prices of our Thermal Solar Service Calls. The following increases are effective on all newly scheduled Service Calls made after May 01, 2022.

Area/distance from 92653                                           One technician                                 Two technician crew

Local OC                                                                                 $225*                                                    $300*

Within 1 Hr.  (Portions of SD/Riverside)                                  $245*                                                    $320*

Within 1.5 Hrs.                                                                        $265*                                                    $340*                   

Within 2 Hrs. (Desert/High Desert/LA)                                    $285*                                                    $360*


*All rates include trip charge and the first hour of labor.  Any additional labor beyond one hour will be charged at a rate of $185 per hour for one technician, and $245 per hour for a two-technician crew


We at Revco Solar greatly appreciate your continued business and support, we look forward to servicing all of your Thermal Solar needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our service department for further information.


Thank you


Richard Vogel


Revco Solar Engineering, Inc.


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Although your energy bills may be similar from month to month, inflation can cause your energy rates to creep up and, before you know it, you’re paying an exorbitant amount. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem which can help you save on money and also cut down on your carbon footprint. Revco  Solar is the premier solar installation company in Orange County and Riverside and we can help you with any questions you have about the solar installation and service process. If you are interested in installing solar panels in your home, contact us at 949-367-0740 Orange County solar installation experts at Revco Solar for a free estimate.

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Having a pool can liven up any outdoor living area, but the cost of heating can become overwhelming for a lot of homeowners. With a solar pool heating system, you can enjoy your swimming pool year round without extensive heating and energy costs. Experience the power of Orange County & Riverside residential solar pool heating today! Revco Solar has served homeowners throughout California for more than 40+ years and can be trusted to bring the highest quality products , Solar Installation and service to the renewable energy market.  Ready to warm your pool by harnessing the sun’s energy? Call our Orange County Office for a quote at 949-367-0740.


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At Revco Solar, we take pride in being your one-call solution for all your solar panel needs. While we can help outfit your home with a high-quality solar panel system, we offer so much more than brand new installations. Our Orange County solar panel installers can even assist you with your existing panels through a wide variety of high-quality Solar Installation and service needs. Whether you need a panel replaced, repaired, or your panels removed from your roof, we invite you to give us a call and see why so many customers all around Orange County and Riverside have trusted their homes to us. Call our Orange County Office to book a visit at 949-367-0740.

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Hassle-Free Southern California Solar Contractors.  Revco Solar is a one-stop shop full service solar installation provider.  We will tailor your Pool Solar or Home Solar installation, and make sure you understand however everything works each step of the way for your pool heating and energy needs.

Revco Solar has been the leader in residential solar and commercial solar for Pools and Solar Electric system since 1976.  We provide solar installations and service to customers throughout Orange County and Southern California. 


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