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If there’s any perfect state to own a pool in, it’s California. We get so much sun here, you may be able to use your pool half the year or more! But what if there was a way to get even MORE pool time? Traditionally, the only way to make that happen was by installing a gas or electric pool heater. The problem is that these heaters are extremely expensive, not only to install but in terms of ongoing emery costs as well.

That’s where Revco Solar comes in. We provide Yorba Linda solar pool heating service that can keep your pool warm, year-round while saving you money on those pesky energy bills. Our efficient heaters use a fraction of the energy it takes traditional systems to do the same thing, all via the most natural sustainable energy source of all—the sun! Now you can swim, entertain, and relax in your pool 12 months a year, with our remarkably easy, surprisingly affordable solar heater installations. Remember, the cost of putting in a solar heater is usually offset by the cost of energy savings in as little as 2-4 years, so if you’re already using a traditional heater, there’s no reason not to call and make the switch today!

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Solar Pool Heating Is an Investment in Your Property and Your Planet

Solar pool heaters are long-lasting and extremely durable, so they are a great way to invest in your home and even up your property value. And in addition to needing less repairs, solar pool heaters are emission byproduct-free, so they are much better for the environment! If you are looking for a pool heater than can save you money on energy costs, requires fewer repairs, and keeps things green at the same time, solar pool heaters are the way to go.

Solar water heaters work by:

  • Using your pool’s water pump to move water into the solar heater system
  • Collecting solar energy from the sun via black plastic tubes and using it to heat the water
  • Heating up the solar collector as more cool water is pumped in
  • Pumping warm water back into the pool, and heating it for your enjoyment

In addition to all the other benefits solar pool heaters offer, you also don’t have to worry about turning them on and off. They can run all the time without wasting energy, with a single cycle raising your pool temperature 3-5 degrees in 6-8 hours. This will let you enjoy pool temperatures of 75 degrees or higher for the majority of the year. Of course, if you prefer a natural temperature, solar heaters are easy to turn off too!

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  • “Due to my great experience, I went with Revco for both Solar Panels on my house and the Solar Pool Heater.”

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    Don Vaughn

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    Cory and Kasey Hinsz

  • “Talk about going the extra mile! Couldn't be happier that we chose Revco.”


  • “You and your entire company have been fabulous to work with, from the beginning to end. I have referred Revco Solar to several of my neighbors.”

    Barbara Devinki