Is Solar Really Worth the Hassle? We Discusses the Several Benefits of Making the Switch

Why Use Solar Pool Heating in Orange County & Riverside?

The Benefits of Going Solar

You may have heard that residential solar energy is a great way to lower your monthly utility bills while helping the environment by going green. While these are certainly true, there are many additional benefits to heating your pool with the abundant energy that comes from the Southern California sunshine.

Additional benefits of installing solar for your pool include:

  • Solar heating systems are completely automatic and easy to operate
  • There are no operating costs to heat your pool with solar energy
  • Solar electricity systems are long-lasting and durable
  • Systems can be customized to fit your pool and the weather conditions that affect your property

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Is Solar Right for My Home or Commercial Property?

At Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists, all we do is heat pools for customers throughout the Inland Empire. In fact, we have designed and installed over 10,000 projects for both residential and commercial properties. We have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to find a high-quality solar heating solution for your pool.

Solar heating helps ensure that your pool is comfortable and well circulated. It safely and efficiently warms the water using the sun’s power while filtering your pool without additional operating costs. In addition, solar heat can also be used to warm your spa, though this will require a traditional backup heater to warm the water those last few degrees, especially at night.

What System Is Best for My Pool?

Designing a solar heating system for your pool requires looking at the specifics of your property. Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists design your system based on the size of your pool and spa, the weather conditions that affect the space, the humidity your area gets, on average, and the position and orientation of the solar collectors. We provide service in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

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