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The sun is what allows for life to exist on our planet. Without its light, heat, and other forms of energy, there would be no way for anything to flourish, and that’s what makes our planet and our solar system so special. However, we’ve only just now begun to tap into the potential that the sun truly holds—thanks to solar technology , we can now harness the power of the sun’s light and turn it into useable electricity that we can use to power our homes!

At Revco Solar, we want to help you capture the power of the sun to use in your home, and we do that by outfitting your home with state-of-the-art solar energy equipment! Our veteran-led company wants to make the process of switching to solar easy, and we work with you throughout the process to learn exactly what you need and help you understand how you’ll benefit from making this change. Our panels are high-quality and backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, and our software ensures that you receive peak performance from your panel system at all times. We’ve helped numerous customers all across Southern California switch their homes over to solar and take advantage of the great environment and governmental incentives for the best investment possible!

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How Solar Helps You

Those who make the switch to solar enjoy immense benefits of doing so. Solar is one of the most affordable and accessible “green” energy sources, which means it’s great for the environment because it comes from an entirely renewable source. That fact alone has encouraged thousands of Californians to make the switch!

Why do people switch to solar?

  • Help the environment: Because you’ll generate your own power with less dependence on fossil fuels, you’ll enjoy a cleaner environment with less smog and better air quality!
  • Lead to fewer blackouts: With our aging energy grid, the more burden we can take off it the better. Those who generate their own power remove strain from the grid, meaning to fewer power outages and better reliability.
  • Save money: Solar helps you take control over your energy costs—when you produce most of the energy you consume on your own, you keep more money in your wallet rather than suffering at the hands of surging energy costs which are showing no signs of slowing.

Making the switch to solar is easier than ever before, and thanks to a number of great incentives, the investment in your home is even more enticing! Thanks to the federal investment tax credit, you’ll be able to claim up to 30 percent of the cost of your energy system as a credit on your taxes, so long as you sign up before the end of 2019. Likewise, California also has a number of state incentives for those who switch as well, making our state one of the best to go solar in!

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