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Solar Pool Heating in San Juan Capistrano

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California’s beautiful weather is great for laying out by the pool or going for a swim pretty much all throughout the year, and thus many Californians take advantage of their pool all year long. However, swimming in an unheated pool can be unpleasant, or even downright cold in winter months, no matter how warm it might be outside. For this reason, many people choose to heat their pool so they can enjoy it in greater comfort and warmth. However, heating a pool can be expensive, particularly if you have a large pool with a huge capacity.

But what if you could use the biggest heater in our solar system to keep the water in your pool warm without wasting money on a natural gas or electric heater? With a solar pool heater, you can do just that! Solar pool heaters use the power of the sun to warm the water that’s sent into your pool, keeping it at a comfortable and enjoyable temperature all year long. These systems use solar equipment to collect heat from sunlight, which is then passed into water that’s collected from your pool, before it’s recirculated back in. After a short amount of time, the water in your pool will come up to a warm and enjoyable temperature without the gut-wrenching increase to your utility bills!

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Why Choose Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating has a number of advantages over traditional heating methods. For starters, solar pool heating is entirely natural—no consuming greenhouse gasses like natural gas, or electricity which comes from power plants in order to warm your pool. Instead, you’ll enjoy a warm pool thanks to the biggest renewable resource on our planet: sunlight!

Here are some of the top reasons people switch to solar pool heating

  • Cost-efficiency: Solar pool heaters pay for themselves in as little as two to four years! Imagine saving so much money that this upgrade pays for itself in just two summers!
  • Longer swim seasons: No more worrying about the high price of heating your pool during winter, fall, and spring—enjoy heating for a fraction of the cost all year long!
  • Reliable performance: No more worrying about your system breaking down on you with a dying heating element or faulty fuel valve—these systems simply use the power of the sun and last for years without issue.

Precise Control When You Need It

Is solar heating always on? What if you want to shut off your pool heating system? You can! Solar heating works by collecting water through your pool pump and running it through black, plastic tubes which heat up in the sun. The water then heats up and is pumped back into your pool. By shutting off the pump that brings water into these tubes, you’ll shut off the heater and allow your pool to cool off to its natural temperature! And here’s the best part—solar pool heating works in any weather! Because these systems absorb their heat from direct sunlight, they’re remarkably efficient at collecting heat, even in colder winter days. That means longer swim seasons and more enjoyable use of your backyard swimming pool!

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