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The sun fills our solar system with warmth and light needed to sustain life, but much of the energy it pelts the earth with goes essentially completely unused. Meanwhile, people all across Southern California are finding themselves subject to surging costs for energy to keep their lights on, devices running, and homes comfortable. So why not take control over your energy costs by harnessing the power of this unused energy produced by the sun? With a high-quality solar energy system, that’s exactly what you can do, and outfitting your home with one of these energy systems is what we do best here at Revco Solar.

Revco Solar is a veteran-led San Clemente solar installation company with a long history of outstanding customer satisfaction. We’ve helped tens of thousands of homes and businesses make the switch to clean, renewable solar power through a wide range of products. From solar panels which produce clean, renewable electricity to solar water heating and even pool heating systems, we’re the team you can turn to for quality products and outstanding support. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we’re one of the most trusted names in the area as well—customers know they can come to us for whatever their solar system may need in terms of repairs, maintenance, or even upgrades to their existing solar energy products. Plus we can even help you take advantage of any of the benefits or incentives available for those who invest in green energy sources.

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Residential & Commercial Solar Services

Whether you’re looking to take command of your home’s energy consumption or make your business more profitable by reducing overhead energy costs, Revco Solar can help you develop the solution that’s perfect for you. We offer a full range of services designed for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you need a small panel system or a megawatt-sized solar array, you can count on us for the services your equipment needs.

We offer the following solar energy services:

  • Solar energy systems
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar pool heaters
  • Solar repairs
  • Solar installation & maintenance

Why Switch to Solar?

Why should you make the investment and switch to solar energy solutions? Solar can provide you with a number of benefits that traditional energy systems could never dream of. For starters, solar provides you with energy that you generate yourself using one of the most plentiful energy sources in our solar system: the sun itself. That means less energy purchased from public utilities, and that keeps more money in your pocket.

However, solar has other benefits as well! Solar is an emission-free way of generating power, which means you’re helping the planet and making the environment greener and friendlier than ever before. You’re also helping remove some of the strain and burden on public power grids, and that means more consistency and better reliability with fewer blackouts in high-demand times.

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  • We've Installed Over 10,000 Solar Pool Heating Systems.

  • We've Installed Over 1,200 Solar Electric Systems.

  • Our Staff Is Always Helpful, Friendly, and Personable.

  • We're Dedicated to Helping you Save Money and Go Green.

  • We Have an A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.

Reviews from Our Customers

  • “They answered all my questions graciously and were very professional.”

    Burke and Tina Brown

  • “Due to my great experience, I went with Revco for both Solar Panels on my house and the Solar Pool Heater.”

    Pool Owner

  • “I will be more than happy to recommend REVCO when friends and neighbors inquire about my solar electric installation.”

    Larry Shore

  • “You have restored our faith in contractors!”

    Ben and Mary Feldstein

  • “The solar system is working better than we anticipated. It’s done everything you said it would do and more.”

    Don Vaughn