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HOT WATER FOR COMPANIES IN Orange County & Riverside

Solar Panel Installation to Cut Down on Your Business' Energy Costs

You can count on our experienced and friendly technicians at Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists to provide you with a new hot water system. our skilled technicians have over 40 years of experience and can complete the installation in a rapid, efficient manner. We specialize in providing a variety of solar installations to our business clients throughout Orange County and Riverside.

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Why Choose to Install a Solar Hot Water System?

Installing a solar electricity system can greatly add to the value of your building, as well as saving you money overall. We offer a number of different incentives and a wide range of financing plans to make your switch easier and more affordable.

A few of the benefits of installing a solar hot water system include:

  • Savings on your monthly energy bills - Business owners have found that they can greatly cut down on using solar energy to heat water which is often a high percentage of the average business owner's energy costs.
  • Increased reliable hot water - A solar hot water system uses an extra-large storage tank which is placed in your commercial property that can maximize the amount of heat the sun captures.
  • Quick return on your investment - In most cases, a hot water system for your business can pay for itself in an average time of five years. After it has paid you back, the system keeps benefiting you for an average of 20 to 40 years.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint - You can reduce your carbon footprint with the installation of a solar water heater, as it cuts down on the amount of carbon dioxide you contribute to the environment.
  • Owning your own energy instead of renting - Installing a solar water heater is eco-friendly and beneficial to the environment. Sunlight is limitless and free without harmful emissions, so you are not paying the power company.
  • Increase the value of your property - Should you ever decide to sell your business property, you will likely find that buyers are willing to pay more for your home with a solar hot water system.

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Reviews from Our Customers

  • “They were terrific in analyzing our needs and designing a system to fit.”

    Revco Satisfied Customer

  • “The PV system went on-line late February. We have not had an electric bill above $5 for any month since”

    Previous Customer

  • “I finally got the figures from SDG&E to analyse electrical costs before and after installation of solar panels. The plan was to look at the three years of cost prior to installation and then compare it with the cost after three years on solar. What I did”
  • “Great installation - neat work, relatively quick and best of all, I don't even know that it's up there!”

    Keith D. Wisbaum

  • “Even when I pick on him, he listens to what I say and then solves the problem. The job looks good and worked the first time.”

    Robert Forthun