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At Revco Solar, we take pride in being your one-call solution for all your solar panel needs. While we can help outfit your home with a high-quality solar panel system, we offer so much more than brand new installations. Our Orange County solar panel installers can even assist you with your existing panels through a wide variety of high-quality solar services. Whether you need a panel replaced, repaired, or your panels removed from your roof, we invite you to give us a call and see why so many customers all around Orange County and Riverside have trusted their homes to us.

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Trusted Orange County Solar Panel Installation

Installing new solar panels is a difficult job. Even small mistakes can lead to serious damage to your roof, inefficient panels, or even faults in your electrical system. If you want to avoid this kind of a hassle, have your new panels installed by the experienced team at Revco Solar! With over 40 years of industry experience, we know what it takes to mount and configure your new solar panel system so it works exactly as intended.

Our Orange County solar installers offer installation services for a variety of purposes. If you own your own panel system and have moved to a new home, we can mount your new panel system on your roof for you, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar without the high cost of buying an entirely new panel system. Likewise, those with experience in electrical engineering and considerable knowledge of the solar industry may choose to build their own solar panel system, and have our team install it. While this is not advised for the average person, those who have this knowledge and ability could greatly benefit from our outstanding solar panel installation services.

Solar Panel Repair

Has one of your panels stopped working? Has one become damaged due to severe weather like hail or a lightning strike? Mother Nature can be difficult to predict, but our Orange County solar panel repairs team is here for you when the unexpected happens. Our solar panel repair services figure out what’s preventing your panels from working properly and conduct the repairs you need to get them running smoothly again.

Solar Panel Replacement

Sometimes, repairs simply aren’t possible for your solar panels. When this is the case, our team can help you with quality solar panel replacement services! Our Orange County solar installation experts can remove the broken panel from your system and replace it with a brand-new panel that works smoothly and connects seamlessly with your existing system. Once the installation is complete, we ensure that your panels are working properly through thorough testing and inspection.

Solar Panel Removal

Do you have an old solar panel system on your roof that you simply don’t want to use anymore? Are you looking to remove your solar panels and take them with you to your new home? While these aren’t common situations, our Orange County and Riverside residential solar experts can help you with these services as well. We can take your panels down from your roof, as well as remove mounting hardware in a way that’s safe for your roof and prevents the possibility of damaging leaks and holes.

For all your Orange County solar panel installation, repair or removal needs, contact Revco Solar today!

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    Robert Forthun

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    Kyle W.

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    Ben and Mary Feldstein

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    Sue Tubman

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    Robert Curreri