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CoolPV® Solar Technology by FAFCO, Inc.

4 Times The Output Of Typical Solar Panel Systems

For homeowners with swimming pools and solar systems, solar power provides two incredible benefits—heated water and electrical power. The only drawback is if a homeowner needed both at the same time, there was no solution; most systems can’t provide heat energy and electricity at the same time. Most Orange County residential solar installations max out a home’s roof space, and systems would need much larger panels to generate electricity and heating simultaneously.

Until now.

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With help from the Navy and the National Renewable Energy Lab, FAFCO has spent the last decade developing a solar energy system that can finally provide homeowners with both benefits at the same time—without requiring more roof space. In fact, the new system is so efficient that it quadruples the amount of energy provided by a typical solar power installation.

Here are the full benefits provided by the Riverside solar heater systems:

  • Increases your electrical output
  • Saves money on your electric bill
  • Extends your pool season with warm water
  • Efficiently uses your current roof space
  • Creates no waste or environmental effects
  • Increases the value of your property

Benefits Of CoolPV® In Orange County

  • Generate Your Own Electricity!

    You can generate more electricity with CoolPV® than stand alone Solar PV because CoolPV® Cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while heating your water.

  • Heat Your Pool

    Get the most out of your swimming pool. CoolPV® significantly extends your swimming season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

  • Help the Environment

    CoolPV® can save an average American home from emitting up to 401 tons of C02 Emissions over a 20 year span. This is equivalent to planting 18,648 trees or saving 40,917 gallons of gas!

How The CoolPV System Works

So how can a system that’s doing two things at once provide even more energy to your home?

To understand that, you have to understand the basics of typical solar power systems. A typical system will absorb solar energy, but only some of it will generate electricity for your home. The rest of it turns into heat energy, increasing the surface temperature of your panels throughout the day.

The hotter your residential solar panels get, the less electrical output they can produce. Keeping your panels cool will allow them to generate more electrical energy, increasing the overall efficiency of your home. One of the most efficient heat-absorbing elements (in engineering and in nature) is water.

The CoolPV® system runs water underneath the panels in order to cool them down (similar to a massive radiator). The water enters the piping underneath the panels, absorbs their heat, and runs back into your “heat load”—your swimming pool.

This will have two effects:

  • Cool your panels for efficient electrical output
  • Increase the overall temperature of your pool

It’s a simple idea with an elegant, efficient, and environmentally-beneficial design. Now even less of the solar energy you receive is wasted, allowing your Orange County residential solar installation to create more clean energy than ever before to the benefit of homes throughout Riverside, Palm Desert, and the Orange County area.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CoolPV®can save you money and improve the quality of your home and lifestyle, call Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists at (949) 531-7320. Schedule your Orange County solar heater systems service today!

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