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Rancho Santa Margarita Solar

Southern California Sun Provides Year-Round Savings

Why are you still paying for electricity provided through a utility company when you could be generating your own electricity with a solar system for your home or business? Each day that the sun shines on your solar system, it collects energy and converts it to electricity for you to use as needed. Since Rancho Santa Margarita is located in beautiful Southern California, it means the sun shines nearly every day, giving your solar system ample power each day in turn!

Revco Solar is here to help you minimize your electricity bill the smart way with a customized solar system. We love getting to know new customers and helping them design a solar system that works best for their home or business. Plus, we also offer maintenance and repair services, just in case something ever goes wrong with your solar system. Basically, we are the A-to-Z solar system team in Rancho Santa Margarita.

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The Benefits of Solar Energy Truly Shine

There are so many benefits to switching to solar. It is a wonder that you haven’t done it already!

Take a look at why people love having a solar system for their home:

  • Going green: SoCal is a hot spot in the world for ecofriendly initiatives. Using the sun for your home’s power is one of the easiest way to go green!
  • Lowered bills: Utility companies charge you per kilowatt of energy used. Make your own kilowatts through solar energy conversion and watch your energy bill plummet.
  • Increased value: Are you thinking of selling your home sooner or later? A solar system is a reliable way to raise its overall market value.
  • Energy independence: Blackouts are a pain, to say the least. With your solar system, you can loop in a solar battery, allowing you to stay powered even if the power goes out for days at a time.

Trustworthy Service from a Military Veteran

Revco Solar in Rancho Santa Margarita is a veteran-led company. Our entire team holds true to the principles instilled in the brave men and women of the United States military – integrity, hard work, focus, etc. – and apply it to our customer-centric business. Discover the difference our level of service and industry experience can do for you by calling (949) 531-7320 today. You can also use an online contact form if you prefer!

Reviews from Our Customers

  • “You went above and beyond”

    Kevin Knill

  • “Even when I pick on him, he listens to what I say and then solves the problem. The job looks good and worked the first time.”

    Robert Forthun

  • “From day one your crew has been hard working, neat and conscientious.”

    Steve and Maddie Petersen

  • “The PV system went on-line late February. We have not had an electric bill above $5 for any month since”

    Previous Customer

  • “You and your entire company have been fabulous to work with, from the beginning to end. I have referred Revco Solar to several of my neighbors.”

    Barbara Devinki