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Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Serving the Orange County & Palm Desert Areas

Commercial businesses throughout California are always looking for ways to save on energy costs. With rising incentives to utilize renewable energy sources, making the switch to solar pool heating can be a great way to reduce annual energy costs and adhere to environmentally friendly practices and policies.

Revco Solar proudly offers free estimates and financing options for a range of commercial solar pool heating needs. Call (949) 367-0740 today!

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Making Solar Powered Heating Easy & Affordable

When a pool is part of your business, keeping it heated to a comfortable temperature year round is a must. No matter the exorbitant costs of heating, ensuring warm temperatures is key to customer satisfaction and running a successful business. Revco Solar offers a range of solar-powered solutions to help commercial business owners cut the costs associated with year-long heating!

With solar powered pool heating, the astronomical costs of heating can no longer be an issue. In fact, you could see a 100% return on your investment in as little as 2 to 4 years. Additionally, you could be eligible for incentives, tax credits, and rebates. We make certain your systems are properly installed to ensure maximized savings and optimal performance.

From start to finish, we help ensure trouble-free installations and optimal results. Call Revco at 949.367.0740

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The Power of Solar Savings

What Could You Save by Going Solar Today?

  • A Pocket Full of Savings

    By making the switch to solar, Californians could save more than $34,000 per year on average.

  • Set Your Eyes to the Future

    By 2050, researchers believe that the majority of the world will be powered by the sun.

  • Did You Know?

    Just one 10 kilowatts (kW) solar array can offset more than 22,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions!

  • Clean Energy for Your Home & Business

    There are an estimated 430,000 solar projects in California. We alone performed 10,000 of those!

  • Keeping California Sunny

    The solar industry continues to grow, and could expand to 1 system being installed every 20 seconds!

Great customer experiences don’t just happen.

It takes a team of people that believe in providing great service.

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  • The Revco installation team was stellar.

  • “Thank you for making this a 'painless' project!”

  • They were very professional in their work ethics, not only the quality work, but also the explanation of how the unit worked

  • “All the people we have dealt with from Revco are polite, competent, friendly and good representatives for your company.”

  • I would recommend REVCO to anyone interested in installing solar panels.

  • I am a believer now!!!

  • Thanks again for all your hard work on my behalf.

  • Revco made me feel like a valued customer. I won’t forget that!

  • "We couldn't be more satisfied"

  • My entire experience with REVCO has been nothing but positive!

  • The Riverside County Inspector told me, "This solar job is one of the best we have seen."

  • Count me in as a member of the REVCO / FAFCO Fan club!

  • “Talk about going the extra mile!”

  • “Great customer service from your team”

  • I feel very strongly about going solar, and I have confidence in Revco Solar.

  • We are very happy that we made this investment in clean energy and we're pleased that we went with Revco.

  • "Revco's Solar Pool Heater is well worth it"

  • Much Appreciated

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