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Solar Panel Installation Services

At Revco Solar, we have been powering homes and businesses in Riverside and Orange County with endless, renewable solar energy since 1976. Since our founding, it has always been our mission to protect the environment and help consumers save money with solar energy systems. As a clean, safe, reliable, and renewable source of energy, solar power is an easy way for homeowners and businesses to put energy efficiency first.

Our Solar Energy Services

Solar Energy System Experts in Riverside & Orange County

If you own a home or commercial property in Southern California, installing solar panels may be a cost-effective alternative to traditional energy plans. Residential and business customers have enjoyed a marked decrease in their monthly bills, and, because solar panels are 100% pollution-free, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon emissions and protect the environment.

To learn more about Revco Solar, call either of our two locations:

Orange County Office


Riverside Office


Residential & Commercial Installations

From repairing already installed systems to fitting new solar panels, our technicians have 40 years of experience helping thousands of customers throughout Southern California. Revco Solar is a family owned and operated company with a friendly, personable, and experienced staff and we are committed to bringing the highest quality products and services to California’s growing renewable energy market.

No matter how big your home, we offer financing to help you, your business, or your family save money.

What Is Solar Energy?

Photovoltaic (PV) systems converts the sun’s energy to electricity to power your home or business or even heat your pool. Because the dun is a renewable resource, you are not dependent on your city’s power grid or raising oil prices.

Even on cloudy days, your solar panel system will still work, as the sun’s radiation can penetrate clouds, however few of those there actually are in sunny Southern California.

If you’re interested in our services, contact Revco Solar today to schedule your free initial estimate.

The Power of Solar Savings

What Could You Save by Going Solar Today?

Great customer experiences don’t just happen.

It takes a team of people that believe in providing great service.

  • We are very happy that we made this investment in clean energy and we're pleased that we went with Revco.

  • "Revco's Solar Pool Heater is well worth it"

  • My entire experience with REVCO has been nothing but positive!

  • “All the people we have dealt with from Revco are polite, competent, friendly and good representatives for your company.”

  • I feel very strongly about going solar, and I have confidence in Revco Solar.

  • Thanks again for all your hard work on my behalf.

  • The Riverside County Inspector told me, "This solar job is one of the best we have seen."

  • Revco made me feel like a valued customer. I won’t forget that!

  • They were very professional in their work ethics, not only the quality work, but also the explanation of how the unit worked

  • I am a believer now!!!

  • I would recommend REVCO to anyone interested in installing solar panels.

  • Much Appreciated

  • “Thank you for making this a 'painless' project!”

  • Count me in as a member of the REVCO / FAFCO Fan club!

  • "We couldn't be more satisfied"

  • The Revco installation team was stellar.

  • "We were happy then, and even happier now"

  • “Talk about going the extra mile!”

  • “Great customer service from your team”

Ready to Go Green & Decrease Your Carbon Footprint?

Take the first step to a cleaner future! Fill out the form below or call us at 949.367.0740.

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