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Solar Pool Heating in Newport Beach

Jump in the Water with Revco Solar!

As good as the weather is in California, even here, there are some months where pool use can feel risky. Traditionally, the only way you could use your pool year-round was to put in a heater. Yet gas and electric heaters are extremely expensive—not just in terms of installation, but in how much energy they require year-round, too.

Now there’s a better way to heat your pool—one which not only cuts down on energy costs but is easy to use year-round and is good for the environment. Contact Revco Solar for solar pool heating in Newport Beach and experience better pool temperatures for a lower price. Our pool heating technology simply uses black plastic piping to capture heat from the sun, and then transfer this natural energy back into the pool through the water pump system. The ongoing cost of this equipment is no more than the cost to run your pool’s existing water pump, and in return you’ll get to entertain, relax, and swim year-round —even on Christmas Day if you want! Stop spending an arm and a leg to heat your pool, and put that arm and leg back in the water—with solar pool heating from Revco Solar!

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Why a Solar Pool Heater is the Right Investment for Your Newport Beach Home

We know that putting in a pool heater or switching your existing system to a new one always feels like a big investment. Yet with the amount of money you will save on utility bills, your solar pool heater is likely to pay for itself within 2-4 years. Moreover, solar pool heaters are extremely durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about replacement as soon as you would with a traditional natural gas or electric system. And solar pool heaters create no emission byproducts, i.e. they don’t generate energy from fossil fuels or the public grid. So if you’re concerned about the environment and want to heat your pool without adding to greenhouse gases, solar is the way to go!

How will my solar pool heater work?

  • First, your pool’s water pump system moves water into the solar collector system
  • Next, the solar collector heats the water using energy collected from the sun via plastic tubes
  • As cool water is pumped in, it gets heated through the solar collector
  • Finally, warm water is pumped back into the pool, ready for your enjoyment

Another reason to install a solar pool heater? You can leave them running indefinitely. Just one circulation from the system raises your pool temperature 5 degrees in 6-8 hours. And in California, a solar heater can keep a pool’s temperature around 75 degrees for 8 or 9 months at a time. Solar energy systems are also easy to turn off if you’d rather rely on the natural temperature, and they work as long as the sun is in the sky—even if it’s cold out! For the best choice for your wallet, for the environment, and for your Newport Beach home, call Revco Solar for solar pool heater installation today.

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  • “Had my pool contractors communicated with me like Robert and Ralph did, I wouldn't have had half the problems I ended up having.”

    Twila DeVei

  • “Due to my great experience, I went with Revco for both Solar Panels on my house and the Solar Pool Heater.”

    Pool Owner

  • “The solar system is working better than we anticipated. It’s done everything you said it would do and more.”

    Don Vaughn

  • “You and your entire company have been fabulous to work with, from the beginning to end. I have referred Revco Solar to several of my neighbors.”

    Barbara Devinki

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