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In Southern California, the sun is pretty much inescapable. In fact, sunshine is such a normal part of our day-to-day existence, we often take it for granted. Besides being that thing that gives us warm and pleasant days, the sun is also what makes life possible on earth. Yet even in this shifting world of climate change, we are only now starting to realize the sun’s full power.

At Revco Solar, our mission is to harness that power to help the people of Southern California generate useable and sustainable electricity in their homes. Our Mission Viejo solar experts are capable of outfitting your property with top-of-the-line solar equipment. We make switching to solar painless, and promise to answer any and all questions you may have during the service process. Our panels are premium quality and backed by industry-leading warranties, with software that guarantees your equipment will operate at peak efficiency all year-round. Follow a growing number of homeowners across the region and hire our veteran-led company to make an investment in your future.

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Solar Power: Helping the Environment, Helping You.

When you make the switch to solar power, you can feel great about the choice you’ve made for yourself and for the planet. Solar is an affordable and accessible “green” energy source, meaning that it’s entirely renewable and does not contribute to your carbon footprint. For homeowners in Mission Viejo and all throughout California, it’s increasingly becoming the modern, energy-efficient way to reduce the effects of climate change while also upgrading increasing one’s property value.

A few of the top benefits of switching to solar include:

  • It helps the environment: Because solar power is taken from the sun, it doesn’t contribute to fossil fuel emissions, meaning less smog and cleaner air quality in Southern California!
  • It helps save money: Surging energy costs in this country are increasingly hard to control. Solar energy allows you to put some of the cash you’re spending on monthly bills back in your pocket, creating a sustainable electricity source for your home.
  • It causes fewer blackouts: Our aging energy grid often struggles to keep up with the demands of our ever-growing population. By generating your own electricity through solar, you’re able to take some of the pressure off the grid, therefore contributing to fewer blackouts.

Thanks to a growing number of government initiatives, now’s the perfect time to make the switch to solar! With the help of federal incentives, you can claim as much as 30% of the cost of your energy system as a credit on your taxes. It’s important to do so before the end of 2019, however, in order to save as much money as possible. Fortunately, we live in California, so there are an additional number of state incentives for making the switch to solar as well!

To learn more about making the switch with our mission Viejo pros, just dial (949) 531-7320 or contact us online.

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