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Lake Forest Solar Pool Heating

The Clever Way to Heat Up Your Pool

Pool days are great, but pool nights are the best. Being in the pool and poolside after the sun goes down makes for a fun, enchanted evening. However, no one will want to be in the pool if the temperature of the water is too cold. What can you do to keep your pool water warm without installing a costly gas heater?

Revco Solar offers incredible solar pool heating systems! Using the power of the sun, you can warm your pool in Lake Forest well after the sun goes down, bringing the warmth of the day to your nighttime swims. For more than 40 years, our veteran-led company has been helping people make the most of solar power. Now, make it your turn with a brand new solar pool heating system for your home.

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A Modernized Way to Stay Warm in the Pool

Revco Solar in Lake Forest is an authorized dealer and factory trained provider of FAFCO Solar Water Heating solutions. We know the systems inside-and-out, so you can be confident that the solar pool heating system you get is right for your pool. Southern California is known for its hot days all year round and, with the right system installed by the right team, you can enjoy cooling off in the pool each night without getting too chilly.

The benefits of a solar pool heating system with Revco Solar:

  • Fair cost and savings: We keep our prices competitive so you don’t have to worry about shopping around. Plus, you can find even more ways to save with our financing options, referral program, and coupons, as well as state and federal tax incentives.
  • Nightly swims each night: Are you someone who loves the pool but can’t stand the chill of a night swim? Our solar pool heating systems can help raise the average pool’s temperature by five degrees in about six hours. For most Southern Californian nights, this means your pool will remain at a nice 75 degrees or higher.
  • Performance that lasts: All of the equipment we use is top-grade quality. You can trust that the systems we install will last reliably for years. Since the system depends on the sun, there are few moving parts where things can go wrong, which saves you more by needing less maintenance.

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Reviews from Our Customers

  • “The pump is amazing and it was wonderful to see it come on at the proper time this morning.”

    Peter and Gail

  • “George had me up and running within a half hour of me realizing I had an issue.”

    Dan C.

  • “You guys did a great job!”

    Kyle W.

  • “Thank you guys for doing such a great job and giving me the end results you promised and I had hoped for. It really does pay to go solar.”

    Robert Curreri

  • “Sorry to ramble on, but I feel very strongly about going solar, and I have confidence in Joe Deisenroth.”