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Laguna Niguel Solar Pool Heating

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Southern California nights are warm, especially in the summer. But hopping into the pool even after a long summer day can give you a frightful chill! With a pool heating system in place, you can enjoy a warm pool any night and during colder winter days.

Revco Solar is the trusted name in Laguna Niguel solar pool heating. We can install amazing solar pool heating systems that utilize the power of the sun to generate heat to warm your pool water, making your family pool-ready 12-months of the year! Thanks to low upfront costs and monthly utility savings, many of our customers save enough money to pay for the initial installation in as little as two years.

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How Does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Your new solar pool heating system functions by:

  • Funneling water into the solar heating system via the preexisting water pump.
  • Heating the pumped in black plastic solar collectors by using solar energy.
  • Further heating solar collectors as water is pumped into them throughout the day.
  • Replacing the heated water into the pool as needed.

Many systems can raise the pool’s temperature by five degrees in about six hours. In Southern California, this allows the water to stay at a comfortable warm temperature well into the night on most days.

Make a Great Investment with Solar Pool Heating

At Revco Solar, our veteran-led team of Laguna Niguel solar experts use only top-quality equipment and products when installing solar pool heating systems. Everything is made to last, even during a stray El Niño storm season. If you ever want to sell your property, then you can bet that your solar pool heating system will still be in working condition with just a little bit of maintenance throughout the years. This all adds up to a higher value for your home on the market. Not to mention, solar energy in any form helps protect the environment by placing less demand on centralized electrical grids.

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Reviews from Our Customers

  • “The 2 workers (Juan & Adrian), did an excellent job on the unit, they were very professional in their work ethics, not only the quality work, but also the explanation of how the unit worked.”

    John and Diana King

  • “You guys did a great job!”

    Kyle W.

  • “The pump is amazing and it was wonderful to see it come on at the proper time this morning.”

    Peter and Gail

  • “Great installation - neat work, relatively quick and best of all, I don't even know that it's up there!”

    Keith D. Wisbaum

  • “Even when I pick on him, he listens to what I say and then solves the problem. The job looks good and worked the first time.”

    Robert Forthun