Discover Incentives Offered by the State We Also Offer Internal Incentives in Referrals

Incentives & Refer for California Residents

$0 down, prepaid leases, and other financing choices are available to Southern California residents. At Revco Solar, we take pride in our competitive prices and ability to supply the most efficient equipment in the U.S. solar market.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Experience better returns than most long-term investments, with 200%+ ROI over 25 years. Compare this to a five-year CD, with an average yearly return of 2.5%, or even the S&P 500 (average yearly return of 11%). Although some stocks can provide a higher return than a solar system, stock prices are also substantially more volatile.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Electricity rates increase 4%-7% each year. This makes solar energy a smart decision. Let the sun take a bite out of the electric company's rates while sending the resale price of your house toward the sky. Your solar home's value increases by $20 for every dollar in annual utility bill savings.

PACE Program

Revco Solar is an approved contractor for the HERO and YGRENE Programs. Part of the city's five-year goal to cut energy usage by 30%, and the program offers home and business owners affordable financing for major energy-saving property improvements. Long term payback of the improvements is linked to the owner's property taxes.

Energy Independence Program for Property Owners

  • A no-money-down means of financing energy Improvements
  • Fixed-rate loans
  • Financing without requiring a property a property appraisal
  • A streamlined loan process
  • Longer repayment terms and lower interest rates for lower monthly payments than leasing or traditional financing

Contact us and see if you qualify! Call our Orange County office at (949) 531-7320, or our Riverside office at 951.384.2420.

Incentives: Solar Pool Heating for Commercial Pools

  • California Solar Initiative (CSI) rebate offers a financial benefit to commercial pool owners
  • Eligible pools include commercial, multifamily, government, nonprofit or institutional
  • Single family residential homes do not benefit from any initiatives for solar pool heating
  • Rebate offer is up to 50% of system installation costs
  • Commercial pools are required to keep the temperature around 80 degrees, meaning year-round heating, a high usage of natural gas, and high utility bills
  • Benefits include elimination of natural gas usage up to 8 months of the year, and the other 4 months (the colder months) can offset 50% or more of the heating costs, therefore reducing your high heating costs and cutting your use of fossil fuel

Incentives: Solar Electric for Residential or Commercial Buildings

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers financial benefit to both residential and commercial properties
  • 30% tax credit given for solar installation expenses including labor costs, installation, parts and wiring
  • Tax credit is deducted from your tax liabilities
  • If the tax credit is more than your tax liability, the excess amount can be applied to the taxes for the following year if the tax credit is in effect
  • Increasing electric utility costs affect everyone
  • Benefits include elimination or drastic reduction of electric bills and cutting down on your emissions of environmental hazards, i.e. your carbon footprint

Act now because this tax credit won’t last forever. below is the tax credit time line!

  • Up until 12/31/2019 both residential and commercial will receive 30% ITC
  • In 2020 both residential and commercial will receive 26% ITC
  • In 2021 both residential and commercial will receive 22% ITC
  • In 2022 commercial will receive 10% ITC, residential is no longer part of the ITC

Referral Program

We offer a generous referral program. You can earn up to $1,000 when you refer a friend to Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists. If your referral should result in a solar electric or solar pool heating system installation from us, and the referral form has been sent, then you will make some money.

View the Application Here!

Program Steps

  • Refer a friend
  • Fill out the referral form and send it in
  • If the referral ends up in a sale and install of a solar system by us, we send you a check

What makes a good referral?

Good candidates for a referral are homeowners with an electric bill over $150 per month and/or homeowners with a pool.

Referral Fee Schedule:

Solar Pool Heating: minimum of $250 or 5% up to $1000*

Solar Electric: minimum of $250 or $100 per KW up to $1000*

* for a combined purchase, your referral fee will not exceed $1000. Check will be mailed to you after installation is completed and paid in full.

Contact Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists and see if you qualify! Call our Orange County office at (949) 531-7320 or our Riverside office at 951.384.2420.

Reviews from Our Customers

  • “George had me up and running within a half hour of me realizing I had an issue.”

    Dan C.

  • “The installers were very friendly and everything looked great when they left.”

    Cory and Kasey Hinsz

  • “They answered all my questions graciously and were very professional.”

    Burke and Tina Brown

  • “The 2 workers (Juan & Adrian), did an excellent job on the unit, they were very professional in their work ethics, not only the quality work, but also the explanation of how the unit worked.”

    John and Diana King

  • “Due to my great experience, I went with Revco for both Solar Panels on my house and the Solar Pool Heater.”

    Pool Owner