Have You gotten Your Panels Cleaned Lately?

Have You gotten Your Panels Cleaned Lately?

With the recent fires in Southern California, it is more important than ever to get your solar panels washed, as the dust and debris can cause a significant decrease in your energy production. If you haven't gotten your panels cleaned this year, or at all then we have the company for you!

Revco Solar is proud to refer "Dutch Touch" full-service window cleaning for all solar electric panel cleaning needs of our customers. They are a very reputable and affordable company, and we have seen increases of up to 20%, and even up to 40% on extremely dirty systems.

Dutch Touch recently washed the solar panels at Revco's headquarters in Laguna Hills, CA and did a wonderful job!

*We recommend cleaning your panels at least 1-2x a year in Orange County, and 3-4x if you are in the Coachella Valley region*

To reach them directly please contact them using the information below to receive a quote for your next panel cleaning:

  • 714-526-6530
  • adutchtouch1@gmail.com
  • https://dutchtouchwindowcleaning.com
More details on the solar panel cleaning can be found by clicking the Image Below:
: Dutch Touch Window Cleaning