Save Money & Switch to Solar Pool Heating

Save Money & Switch to Solar Pool Heating

Here is the typical scenario: You have a beautiful pool. It's great for summertime, but sits dormant 9 months of the year because the water is too cold. It costs a small fortune to heat your pool with your installed method: Gas. So, you don't heat your pool and you don't use your pool either, except for the hotter months. Sound familiar?

Solar pool heating can, in fact, change this misfortune. Installing solar panels for your pool will extend your pool season up to 8 months of the year. Plus, you'll have that warm pool without the high heating costs.Solar Pool Heating System

Here's how it works:

Cold pool water from your pool is pumped up to your solar panel and is heated by the sun. Then, this heated water is redistributed back to your pool. It continues this circulation process until, voila, you have a warm pool.

See the diagram for a visual graphic of this process.

To be honest, the initial cost of installing solar to heat your pool is more expensive than installing a gas system. A typical system is between $5,000-$7,000 depending on the size of your pool. However, Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists have fantastic financing options that make this affordable for everyone.

An average system can be as low as $120 a month. When all is said and done, since solar heaters use a renewable energy (natural heat from the sun), the cost of keeping your pool warm is free. In the long run, you save. And most importantly, you enjoy your pool more often!

In our sunny Southern California climate, it's possible to have a warm pool for 7, 8 or even 9 months. That's a whole lot more pool use and backyard fun! Solar pool heating is clean, efficient, and money-saving.

Revco Solar and Solar Heating Specialists offer a free in-home estimate. That means it doesn’t cost you anything but an hour of your time to figure out what going solar for pool heating means for you.

We install and maintain both residential and commercial solar pool heating. We use Fafco, American-made, panels which have a 12-year warranty. Fafco has been manufacturing pool panels since 1969 and have created what we think is the best on the market. The Fafco patented design, allows for maximum heating performance and is the most efficient system in the industry.

Our company has also been in business for decades. Since 1977 we've helped homeowners and business owners alike install solar to heat their pools. Join the movement and go solar!