SolarEdge Releases World's first EV Charging Inverter!

SolarEdge Releases World's first EV Charging Inverter!

SolarEdge Technologies has always been on the forefront of solar technology, by providing installers with an alternative solution to the standard micro-inverter and enhancing the technology a step further by introducing their first leap in advances with the "power optimizer" in 2010 and has continued to lead the industry in the latest Solar Electric Installation Technology. he benefits of the Solar Edge optimizer and DC inverter combination has been a winning team when combined with panels such as the LG Neon X Series or the SunPower X-Series Solar panels, as they combine the best of both worlds, a high efficient solar module with a high efficient power optimizer.

Solar Edge has done it again, with the the worlds first EV Charging Inverter line which come ready to start harnessing the sun's energy to charge your car, and save you even more on your utility bills. The major benefits are described below in more detail:

Key Benefits of EV Charging Inverter

The other key component s to using the SolarEdge EV Charging Inverter (Using EV charging Boost Mode) vs a Standard EV Charger can be seen in the chart below. When using SolarEdge vs a standard EV Charger, you will notice an increased charging speed which will result in a drastically reduced charge time for your daily commute!

SolarEdge EV Charging Comparison Figures

The SolarEdge EC Charging Inverter Product Line is the very first EV Charging capable inverter, that is ready to help reduce your utility bills when charging your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle, by combining the energy from the grid with the free energy from the sun! The best part is these units are hitting the shelves for installations in 2018! These inverters are designed in two sizes depending upon your needs, the first is the SE-3680H which has a DC rating of up to 5700 watts, and the SE-5000H. which has a DC Rating of 7,750 watts,

The EV Charging inverter is one of the many new technological advances made by SolarEdge this year. They also launched the released of their updated "StorEdge" inverter line as well using the HD wave capabilities. The new StorEdge line is capable of interfacing with the "LG Chem" batteries, and SolarEdge’s "StorEdge" DC coupled storage solution, That combination automatically provides homeowners with backup power in case of grid interruption, and allows home owners to maximize energy independence.

More information on the StorEdge technology will be posted on our blog in the upcoming days, however if Solar Edge has posted information on the Battery Back Up systems which can be found by visiting the SolarEdge site.