Have you heard the buzz about CoolPV?

Have you heard the buzz about CoolPV?

CoolPV Technology

Have you heard the buzz about FAFCO's new hybrid solar panel CoolPV?

Interested in both pool solar and solar electric (PV)? Now you can get both in just one system!

FAFCO has introduced CoolPV and it is the best new thing. Cool PV generates electricity and heats water on the same panel on the same roof space. CoolPV cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while Heating Your Water.

-Generate your electricity

-Heat your pool

-Help the environment

How It Works

So how can a system that’s doing two things at once provide even more energy to your home?

To understand that, you have to understand the basics of typical solar power systems. A typical system will absorb solar energy, but only some of it will generate electricity for your home. The rest of it turns into heat energy, increasing the surface temperature of your panels throughout the day. The hotter your panels get, the less electrical output they can produce.

Keeping your panels cool will allow them to generate more electrical energy, increasing the overall efficiency of your home. One of the most efficient heat-absorbing elements (in engineering and in nature) is water.

The CoolPV system runs water underneath the panels in order to cool them down (similar to a massive radiator). The water enters the piping underneath the panels, absorbs their heat, and runs back into your “heat load”—your swimming pool.

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