Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Keeping the world clean is very important. When it comes to water bodies such as the ocean, rivers, and lakes, most of the time tend to get dirty which results in water pollution.

What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. This occurs when pollutants are inserted directly and indirectly into water bodies. As substances get built up in the water, this can cause problems for animals and plants.

What Causes Water Pollution?

There are actually many different ways that water pollution can occur. Two of the main problems that can occur are wastewater and atmospheric deposition. Wastes are commonly thrown into water bodies which can cause pollution. Trash should not be thrown into water bodies, but sadly this is a big issue. Another way can actually be surprising. Chemicals released by smokestacks (chimneys) can enter the atmosphere and then fall back to earth as rain, entering seas, rivers, and lakes and causing water pollution. This process is called atmospheric deposition. Water pollution has many different causes which are why it is such a big and difficult problem to solve.

How can we stop water pollution?

There isn’t an exact way to stop the problem of water pollution, but there are ways to help it. First off, education is the first step. Making people aware of the problem is very important and a good way to start preventing it. Educating people on the problem may have people realizing that wastes should be thrown in the trash and not the body waters which will help keep them clean. Second, Laws would be very effective. Environmental laws can make it tougher for people to pollute, but to be really effective they have to operate across national and international borders. Lastly, economics can be a really big help as well. Many people believe that pollution can be solved by polluter pays principle. This concept means that whoever causes pollution, has to pay for it. In this case, people will start to be more aware of the problem in order for them to avoid paying for it.

A clean environment

Making choices is a huge part of water pollution. We either make the choice of living with sewage-strewn beaches, dead rivers, and fish that are too poisonous to eat, or we do just the opposite and work together to keep the environment clean so that animals, plants, and people who depend on it are healthy.