Land Conservation

Land Conservation


Land has been being used for a while for many uses whether it’s a park, gardens, trails, or even a farm, our land is a beautiful thing that helps us develop these projects which is why we need to help keep our land clean.

What is Land Conservation?

Land conservation is the process of protecting natural land and returning developed land to its natural state. Our land is a very important resource for all of us, we get our food and water from the land which can flow clean when we take care of the land. By taking good care of our land, this will result in a clean and beautiful property that can provide us with a park, garden, trails, and homes for animals.


During most of our lifetime, we have seen big changes happening. These changes can include forests being cut down for housing or farm fields being turned into a shopping center. Although these changes are necessary for living, there has been less and less natural land which has been turned into developed land which has been a concern for most people. In result in this, there has been a large push in protecting our land. A variety of techniques are needed to carry out land conservation which is by preservation, restoration, remediation, and mitigation.

Preservation: Preservation of the environment means that lands and their natural resources should not be consumed by humans and should instead be maintained in their pristine form. In this case, preservationists believe that humans can have access to the land, but only for its natural beauty and inspiration use.

Restoration: Restoration, is the process of returning ecosystems and communities to their original natural conditions. In order for this to happen, a scientist will have to do research on the ecosystem to determine the conditions of the ecosystem. Scientists would like to determine the environment before it was altered by humans. Once they have finished their research, they will develop methods to try to bring the area back to its original state. This often includes introducing native animals, planting native plants, restoring waterways to their natural path, and removing human infrastructure.

Remediation: Remediation is the process of cleaning a contaminated area using relatively mild or nondestructive methods. The main goal here is to remove and contaminate the area using little disturbance and harm.

Mitigation: Mitigation is to compensate for destroying one area by creating a new area that is equal ecological value. This technique is less desired since it still allows land to be destroyed.

Land conservation is a very important thing that is not really focused in today’s world. There are many land developments rather than natural lands which have been a big concern. Preservation, restoration, remediation, and mitigation are key techniques that carry out land conservation. Using our land for its natural beauty is a very important and nice thing to do. Not only do we need it for housing and other buildings that we need, keeping our land in its natural state for parks, trails, gardens, and farms is also the best way to go.