What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy For Your Home

Solar energy is energy that we get from the sun. The two major types of solar energy that make it to Earth are heat and light. One of the ways we use solar energy is for heating water, or using pool solar heating panels. A solar panel is used to collect heat from the sun, which is then passed through the pipes of the panel and the water is then heated when it passes through the pipes. The hot water, heated by the Sun, can then be used for pools, showers, cleaning, or heating your home.

Solar panels are a good source in saving money. Whether it’s for your pool or home heating, solar panels really do help. As the sun shines through the panels, the heat goes through allowing it to heat your home or pool. This is the same method that happens with the inside of a car when a car has been sitting in the heat.

Solar Panel to Heat Air Diagram

A system that uses solar thermal energy to heat air has a transparent top that is attached to the box. The box has an opening for the air to be pushed in by a fan which goes inside the box. Inside the box the air is warmed by the heat energy from the sun rays. The warm air can now be used to heat up your home.

Solar Panel to Heat Air

Solar panels to heat up water work pretty much the same way as heating up the air. Solar panels to heat up water have a pipe that runs in the inside of the box. The sun rays heat the air inside the box. The heat in the air is transferred into the pipes, which then the heat in the pipes are then transferred into the water. We can now use this warm water to heat up a bath or pool.

Solar energy is energy that we get from the sun which also allows us to get heat from the sun by using solar panels. Two different solar panels that transfer heat are solar panels for air and solar panels for water. Both of these panels transfer heat by the power of the sun for your home or water. Solar panels are a great investment when wanting to save money and get the free heat from the sun.

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