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Saving energy by using the sun is the best way to go. Since 1976, Revco Solar has been providing service to many satisfied customers. These services are provided in Orange county, San Diego, Riverside, and Coachella Valley areas. Not only do we help encourage a cleaner world and sustainable future, but we will help you save energy with the power of the sun allowing a lower electricity bill.

Our services

We provide PV, which is solar electric, as well as pool solar. Solar electric can be used for your home which allows you to retain heat inside your home saving you money. Pool solar allows you to receive heat for your pool so you will have no problem going for a swim throughout the whole year. Both solar electric and pool solar are great purchases because you don’t have to worry about your bill being too high and it lasts forever.

Revco Solar has been providing their service for 40 years and more to come. Revco Solar Engineering, Inc. has one of the oldest active C46 Solar Contractor Licenses that is still going strong. Don’t forget to send us your information so we can set you up with an appointment to get your free quote so you are on your way to saving money and energy!