Overpopulation is the excessive amount of people who exceed the maximum capacity that the earth can hold in a given place. This can be a problem because eventually there won’t be enough resources to provide to everyone as well as money issues with too many people to provide for. Just to some up some of the main issues of overpopulation, there are actually a lot more problems that we would have to deal with if overpopulation is occurring.

Depletion of Natural Resources- As the human population continues to grow; not enough resources can be provided which causes depletion. natural resources, such asfossil fuels, fresh water, arable land, coral reefs and frontier forests, continue to fall which allows a diminish quality of life.

Less Freedom More Restrictions- Having more and more people on this earth, will create more restrictions. Rules and restrictions would be a good idea only to accommodate the growing population. Without these policies, the global ecological crisis, and the societal and economic issues that ensue, would be worse than they are today. Some restrictions would include putting limits on water consumption, on driving and on what people can do on their land.

Elevated Crime Rate- As the population grows, this means it will be harder to provide necessary resources such as food and water to survive. In this case, this will allow the crime rate to go up because there will be an increase in competiveness for these resources.

Overpopulation is very important when it comes to resources. We all need resources to live and when there is an excessive amount of people, this can become a problem.

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