What is Littering?

Littering is when people throw their trash in places they don’t belong like the ground and not into the trash can where they do belong. Cigarettes, soda cans, plastic bags, and much more can be found on the ground which is littering.

Problems Caused by Litter

There are many problems that are being caused when litter is taking place. First off, litter makes the world look bad. Having trash all over the floor is very dirty and does not look nice around the streets. When litter is on sidewalks and curbs, it can be washed down into drains by heavy rains or storms which eventually gets into the ocean. If the ocean water gets polluted by the wastes, we will no longer be able to use this water for drinking and for our own enjoyment. Animals can also mistake trash as food which can then allow them to choke or even get tangled in the wastes.

Litter is very dirty. Not only does this trash not look good on the ground or in the ocean, but they can be filled with germs which is not good. A lot of animals tend to find their food by the trash which can then give them diseases which will also get humans sick.

Litter is also bad for the environment. As cans get thrown into the ocean and ground, these cans are not being recycled which is what we need to be doing. Eventually, more resources must be used to create cans and bottles from new materials.

What Can You Do?

The first solution that you can do is make sure that all trash gets placed in the trash can and not on the ground. Help out by picking up trash from the ground when you see it and place it in the trash can. When you notice someone throwing trash on the ground, simply ask them nicely to pick it up and place it in the trash can. Lastly, recycle as much as you can!

Littering is very dirty and can be very dangerous. Throwing trash on the ground takes as much energy to throw it in the trash can. Throwing it on the ground can just start problems rather than making the world a cleaner and safer environment.