What is solar pool heating?

What is solar pool heating?

Let's get educated on solar pool heating!

What is it? How does it work? Solar vs.Gas? Does it heat the spa? How much can I save? These are some common question that I intend to answer.

What is it?

Essentially cold water is pumped from your pool through a solar collector (REVCO is a proud carrier of FAFCO solar panels). Like a garden hose lying in the sun, the collector heats the water inside, which is then pumped back into your pool giving you luxuriously warm water and a significantly longer swim season.

FAFCO solar collectors feature:

  • A patented water flow metering system that distributes water evenly for maximum efficiency
  • A patented collector design featuring almost twice as many tubes per panel as our competitors’ for maximum heating performance
  • Durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polymer material that provides years of reliable service
  • Fully-wetted design transfers virtually all available energy directly to the pool water

How it works:

With the diagram below it explains the process of how solar pool heating works:

Solar Pool Heating Diagram

In a nut shell:

  1. Set your desired water temperature and a sensor determines the most efficient run time.
  2. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors
  3. FAFCO’s polymer solar collectors heat the water as it is channeled through the collector array
  4. Luxuriously warm, solar heated water flows back into your pool

Does it heat the spa?

Yes, Pool solar heats the pool & the spa to desired temperate.

Is solar pool heating better than a gas heater?

We think so. A solar pool heater can be less expensive up front than a gas heater, depending on the size of your pool. Once a solar pool heater is installed, your heat is FREE from the sun. With a gas heater you need to pay the gas company depending on how much you use the heater.

*In the spring and fall when you really need heat, you use the pool heater more, so it costs you more - but solar energy is still free. Also, solar is non-polluting, and it can cool your pool during hot months, something no gas heater can do.

How much can I save?

If a pool owner heats their pool with natural gas or propane through the normal swimming season, an investment in solar can pay for itself in 2 to 3 years. If the pool owner does not have a gas heater or wish to use one, solar will not really "save" money, but the pool will be much warmer and more inviting throughout a much longer portion of the year. A swimming pool, with decking and landscaping, represent a sizable investment for the homeowner. Maintenance costs exist whether the pool is used or not. The investment in solar pool heating will assure that the pool is used and enjoyed much more.


*Extends your swim season

*Heat your pool to luxuriously warm temperature

*Dramatically reduces or eliminates pool heating costs with free energy from the sun

*Adds value to your home

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