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Coto De Caza Solar Pool Heating

Enjoy Pool Parties All Year Long

The go-to state in the country for great pool parties is California, as everyone knows. However, not everyone knows that SoCal nights and mornings can get quite chilly, making a trip to the pool a little unpleasant once you get out of the water. Thankfully, with all the sun Southern California gets year round, solar pool heating becomes a viable option.

Revco Solar of Coto De Caza is here to help you discover and utilize all the benefits of solar pool heating. With a system installed and maintained by our team, you can keep your pool at a comfortable temperature well into the night without the need of a costly gas-based heating system. All you have to do is let us set up the system and let the sun do the rest!

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Solar Pool Heating is a Smart Investment

Gas or electric pool heaters have been around for a while, and they haven’t really improved with time. Solar pool heating systems, on the other hand, are based on new, innovative technology. Not only will a solar pool heating system help you save on heating costs, but they are generally much more durable than other heaters. Maintenance costs are next to zero for most people, especially if you let a qualified team like Revco Solar handle it for you.

How does a solar pool heater work?

  • Pool water is pumped into the heating system
  • Solar energy is absorbed through black plastic tubing
  • Water absorbs that heat as it moves through the tubes
  • Heated water is pumped back into the pool

For the most part, solar pool heating systems can increase a pool’s temperature by 5 degrees in roughly 7 hours. Smaller pools will heat faster, and larger pools will take a little longer, though. Given the year-round sunshine Coto De Caza receives, it is possible for a solar pool heating system to keep your pool at a comfortable 75 degrees.

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Reviews from Our Customers

  • “Sorry to ramble on, but I feel very strongly about going solar, and I have confidence in Joe Deisenroth.”


  • “The installers were very friendly and everything looked great when they left.”

    Cory and Kasey Hinsz

  • “The solar system is working better than we anticipated. It’s done everything you said it would do and more.”

    Don Vaughn

  • “You and your entire company have been fabulous to work with, from the beginning to end. I have referred Revco Solar to several of my neighbors.”

    Barbara Devinki

  • “Due to my great experience, I went with Revco for both Solar Panels on my house and the Solar Pool Heater.”

    Pool Owner