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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Revco Solar's Fall Tune Up Special is Here!

    Revco Solar Engineering, Inc. is currently offering our annual Fall tune Up for Pool Solar and Solar Electricity systems at our discounted rates on the flyer below. Please be sure to mention this flyer when you book your tune up to receive the discount! This is for a limited time only, so please be sure to call soon before this offer expires November 22nd, 2017!
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  • Have you heard the buzz about CoolPV?

    Have you heard the buzz about FAFCO's new hybrid solar panel CoolPV? Interested in both pool solar and solar electric (PV)? Now you can get both in just one system! FAFCO has introduced CoolPV and it is the best new thing. Cool PV generates electricity and heats water on the same panel on the same roof space. CoolPV cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while Heating Your Water. -Generate your ...
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  • All About Pool Solar!!

    Pool Solar: Ever wondered an alternative way to heating your pool while saving money? Pool Solar is the way to go! Pool solar is solar for your pool that gets heat from the sun. This is FREE heat from the sun that can heat up your pool all year round. Quit paying to heat your pool monthly and get solar pool heating and pay one time for the install! Parts/How it works: There are three parts that ...
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  • Send us Love!

    Call us today to find out more about our referral program!
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  • Panels!

    Beautiful pool and solar electric panels! Call us today for your FREE quote! 949-367-0740
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  • All About Pool Solar Heating!

    You can reduce the cost of your pool heater just by installing pool solar panels. Pool solar panels collect heat from the sun and heat your pool throughout the year! There are four important parts that are needed to install a pool solar panel: A solar collector -- the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun A filter -- removes debris before water is pumped through the ...
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  • Why Go Solar?

    Solar energy is power that is being provided by the sun. With this power, the sun can heat up your pool and home. Some reasons you should go solar: 1. Its good for the environment. 2. Its a solid home investment. 3. Saves you money! 4. You can use it all day. 5. FEE heat from the sun!!
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  • Anaheim Hot Show!!

    Hot Show in Anaheim yesterday!
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  • 38 Panels!!

    38 sunpower panels installed to one happy Indio customer!
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  • Pool Panels!

    Interested in Pool Solar?! Call us now! 949-367-0740
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