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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • Solar Pool Heating and Solar Electric

    Solar pool heating and solar electric! Get the best of both worlds by installing solar pool heating to heat up your pool and solar electric to heat up your home! Send us your information and we will give you a call to set up an appointment to get a free quote. Don't miss out!
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  • Solar Pool Heating

    Cota De Caza resident Bob Alberts has installed solar panels for his pool!
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  • We offer Solar Electric too!

    What is solar electric? Solar electric, or PV is when sunlight is converted into electricity. PV gets its name from the process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which is called the PV effect. The difference between PV and pool solar heating is that PV is for your home, while pool solar is for your pool. What are the benefits of PV? A limitless supply of free energy: Use the ...
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  • What is Solar Energy?

    Solar energy is energy that we get from the sun. The two major types of solar energy that make it to Earth are heat and light. One of the ways we use solar energy is for heating water, or using pool solar heating panels. A solar panel is used to collect heat from the sun, which is then passed through the pipes of the panel and the water is then heated when it passes through the pipes. The hot ...
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  • Why Go Solar?

    There are many reasons why solar heating is the way to go: Save on electricity sooner - Reduce your electricity bill and save money. Improve your home - Are you considering selling your home? Get solar heating for your house. Many home buyers love to see a house that will pay more for good quality energy saving features. The environment needs our help - By installing a solar power system now, you ...
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  • Revco Solar

    About Us Saving energy by using the sun is the best way to go. Since 1976, Revco Solar has been providing service to many satisfied customers. These services are provided in Orange county, San Diego, Riverside, and Coachella Valley areas. Not only do we help encourage a cleaner world and sustainable future, but we will help you save energy with the power of the sun allowing a lower electricity ...
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  • Littering

    What is Littering? Littering is when people throw their trash in places they don’t belong like the ground and not into the trash can where they do belong. Cigarettes, soda cans, plastic bags, and much more can be found on the ground which is littering. Problems Caused by Litter There are many problems that are being caused when litter is taking place. First off, litter makes the world look bad. ...
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  • Overpopulation

    Overpopulation is the excessive amount of people who exceed the maximum capacity that the earth can hold in a given place. This can be a problem because eventually there won’t be enough resources to provide to everyone as well as money issues with too many people to provide for. Just to some up some of the main issues of overpopulation, there are actually a lot more problems that we would have to ...
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  • 15 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

    Plastic is found everywhere these days. The use of plastic is huge and eventually gets thrown into water bodies such as beaches and the ocean which is not good. Here are 16 ways you can reduce plastic waste: Don’t use straws . Avoiding straws is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce plastic. Don’t ask for a straw when going out to eat, this will help a lot. Reusable produce bags . Instead ...
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Solar Panel Installation Services

At Revco Solar, we have been powering homes and businesses with endless, renewable solar energy since 1976. Since our founding, it has always been our mission to protect the environment and help consumers save money by promoting solar energy. As a clean, safe, reliable, and renewable source of energy, making the switch to solar power is an easy way for homeowners and businesses to put energy efficiency first.

Great customer experiences don’t just happen.

It takes a team of people that believe in providing great service.

  • "Revco's Solar Pool Heater is well worth it"

  • I am a believer now!!!

  • Much Appreciated

  • “Great customer service from your team”

  • “Thank you for making this a 'painless' project!”

  • Revco made me feel like a valued customer. I won’t forget that!

  • The Riverside County Inspector told me, "This solar job is one of the best we have seen."

  • "We were happy then, and even happier now"

  • I would recommend REVCO to anyone interested in installing solar panels.

  • My entire experience with REVCO has been nothing but positive!

  • I feel very strongly about going solar, and I have confidence in Revco Solar.

  • “All the people we have dealt with from Revco are polite, competent, friendly and good representatives for your company.”

  • Thanks again for all your hard work on my behalf.

  • We are very happy that we made this investment in clean energy and we're pleased that we went with Revco.

  • “Talk about going the extra mile!”

  • Count me in as a member of the REVCO / FAFCO Fan club!

  • They were very professional in their work ethics, not only the quality work, but also the explanation of how the unit worked

  • The Revco installation team was stellar.

  • "We couldn't be more satisfied"

Ready to Go Green & Decrease Your Carbon Footprint?

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