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Anaheim Solar Pool Heating

Stay in the Water All Year-Long—With Revco Solar!

From Disneyland to Angel Stadium, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Anaheim. But now, you can have even more fun, all from your own home—with solar pool heating from Revco Solar! If you’ve been relying on a gas heater to warm up your pool, you’ve been wasting a lot of money. With our Anaheim, solar pool heating services, we’ll be able to keep your pool warm and cut down on your monthly energy bill at the same time. At Revco Solar, we help you swim in your pool 12 months out of the year via the most reliable power source of all—the sun! And with the money you’ll save on energy costs, installation is likely to pay for itself in as little as 2-4 years!

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Revco Solar Pool Heating: Better for Your Property, Better for the Planet

One thing many don’t know about solar pool heaters is how reliable they are. Much more durable than normal heaters, you can rely on solar equipment for years without needing to have it repaired or replaced. This in addition to the overall energy savings makes solar pool heating the most cost-effective choice for your Anaheim home. And to top it all off, solar pool heaters are emission byproduct-free, allowing you to save money, help the planet, and even increase your property value at the same time!

How do solar pool heaters work?

  • First, your solar heater uses your pool’s water pump to move water into the heating system
  • The system then collects solar energy from the sun via black plastic tubes
  • The system’s solar collector then heats up the water in the tubes as cool water continues to flow
  • Warm water is then circulated back into your pool for your enjoyment

As if there weren’t enough reasons to switch to solar pool heating already, they are also easy to turn off and on, and can raise your pool’s temperature 3-5° in as quickly as 6-8 hours. This will allow you to enjoy pool temperatures of 75° or higher for 8 -9 months out of the year! On top of this, you may receive federal and state tax incentives for switching to solar, giving you another chance to heat your pool for an unbeatable price!

Stop wasting money on pool heating! Call (949) 531-7320 to make the switch in your Anaheim home today, or contact us online anytime. Make sure to ask about our generous referral program, which can get you as much as $1,000 for every new customer!

Reviews from Our Customers

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  • “They were terrific in analyzing our needs and designing a system to fit.”

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    Barbara Devinki

  • “The PV system went on-line late February. We have not had an electric bill above $5 for any month since”

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